Types of Mounting Styles in LED Surgical Lighting Systems

Types of Mounting Styles in LED Surgical Lighting Systems

LED Surgical Lighting Systems are important for clear vision, precision, and patient safety. These systems come with different types of mounting styles, including solo, duo, and trio.

Mounting styles are important as they determine how lights are positioned and adjusted, impacting overall functionality. Different mounting options cater to specific surgical settings, providing ideal lighting for better visibility, workflow, and patient outcomes. In this article, we’ll explore the different mounting styles available within the System Two LED Series.

What Makes the System Two LED Series the Ultimate Surgical Lighting Solution?

When it comes to surgical lighting systems, the System Two LED Series is an outstanding choice for surgery centers, specialty practices, and outpatient care facilities. It’s designed to save energy by using only half the electricity of traditional lights, which means lower costs for healthcare facilities in the long run. These LED lights last a really long time—up to 50,000 hours—so there’s less need to replace them and less downtime in the procedure room.

The System Two LED lights are super bright, with a rating of 130,000 Lux. They have a color temperature of 4300K, which makes everything easier to see during surgeries.

One of the special things about the System Two Led Series is its adjustable spring arm system. This means the lights can be moved around easily to get the best view of the surgical site. The series also comes in different mounting styles, like solo, duo, and tri, to fit different surgical needs. There are even options to add cameras and monitors to the lighting system, which makes it even more useful and flexible.

3 Types of Mounting Styles in the System Two LED Surgery Lights

There are many types of Mounting Styles that come with LED surgical lighting systems. In the case of System Two LED Surgery Lights, you get three types:

  • Solo Mounting Style with a 130K Lux Light

The solo configuration offers a single 130K Lux light for surgical lighting needs. It’s a straightforward option that provides ample brightness for surgical procedures. With this setup, medical professionals have a reliable light source that helps them see clearly during surgeries and other medical procedures.

You can also replace the light head on this solo mounting arm with either a monitor or an HD camera, depending on the needs of your operating room.

  • Duo Mounting Style

With the duo mounting style, you can make use of your lighting system in three ways:

Two Light Heads: It consists of two 130K Lux lights, providing better coverage and visibility of the surgical area for medical professionals. This duo setup allows surgeons to position and adjust the lights according to their specific requirements, making it ideal for complex surgeries and situations where a broader and more focused lighting range is necessary. 

One Light Head with an HD Camera: This configuration includes an in-head camera with features, such as 20x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, capturing high-definition images with clarity.

One Light Head with a Monitor Arm: By mounting the light head and monitor on an adjustable arm, the surgeon can position the light source and monitor in an optimal position without obstructing their view of the patient’s surgical field. This setup minimizes shadows, provides consistent illumination, and allows for immediate visual feedback during the procedure, enhancing precision and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Trio Mounting Style

The trio mounting style gives you even better configuration options:

Three Light Heads: This design offers enhanced illumination (130K Lux per light head) and better coverage of the surgical field, reducing the need for frequent adjustments.

Two Light Heads with a Monitor Arm: Such a configuration equips your operating room with advanced video imaging capabilities. Being mounted alongside the surgery light, the monitor arm enables a wide range of motion, including an impressive 300-degree rotation above the surgery table.

Two Light Heads with an HD Video Camera: The camera’s placement in the center of the lights ensures an unobstructed view of the surgical site, allowing for smooth workflow and optimal visibility during procedures. In such a setup, the two light heads provide enhanced illumination, while the HD video camera allows for clear visual monitoring and documentation.

Types of Mounting Styles in LED Surgical Lighting Systems ValleyMed

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