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Sourcing Exam Lights and Surgical Lights: Three Tips from Cedarview Animal Hospital

Three valuable pieces of procurement advice for sourcing examination lights and surgical lights have been compiled by the Practice Manager of Canadian veterinary clinic Cedarview Animal Hospital.

Laura Orr CVPM, who has been overseeing the expansion of the highly-successful veterinary services and health care practice in Ottawa, explained how three simple factors have made arranging specialist lighting for Cedarview an efficient and effective process.

Introducing Cedarview Animal Hospital

Laura began by explaining the ethos and service delivered by her colleagues at Cedarview: “We emphasize prevention and early detection as well as healthy nutrition and exercise, and we are certified in sports medicine, rehabilitation and pain management.

“Our clinic focuses exclusively on dogs and cats. We provide a variety of services throughout the life journey of dog and cat companion animals. Our goal is to help all pet owners continue to enjoy the laughter and love that our dog and cat companions bring home to us.”

Laura leads on the business, human resources and facility management of our practice and is currently managing both the expansion of the hospital – from 2,500 sq ft to 6,200sq ft – as well as equipment procurement.

Procuring Exam Lights and Surgical Lights: Three Headline Considerations

Laura outlined that three overarching factors had made the process of sourcing specialist lights an straightforward part of the expansion process.

1, Use a trusted vendor: “We sourced our exam lights and surgical light from ValleyMed when we first opened the clinic 11 years ago. ValleyMed had amazing customer service and we’ve never had any issues with the equipment since day one.

“For our new hospital, we need additional wall-mounted exam room lights as well as a mobile exam light (we purchased the Visiano LED Exam Lights, wall-mount and one with a mobile stand) and a more powerful surgery light (we purchased the MI-1000), and a more powerful dental exam light (we purchased the MI-550).”

2, Find an advisor, not just a supplier: “Vince at ValleyMed asked a lot of questions to determine exactly how we would be using the lights and explained all the different configurations so that I could select the best equipment for our needs.

“He made recommendations based on his experience with other veterinary facilities, and he demonstrated a solid understanding of our industry. He also made himself available to speak to our contractors if they needed information on proper installation, and checked in regularly to make sure we had all we needed.”

3, Don’t underestimate the value of customer service: “Our order came super fast and we continue to use Valleymed for any of our lighting needs because their customer service is wonderful, and I know I am dealing with lighting experts that understand our business. They are super friendly and helpful with regards to all of our questions.”

A Proud Partnership

Vince Morris, Sales and Project Manager at ValleyMed, welcomed Laura’s expertise and stressed the importance of a productive working relationship between a supplier and a professional client: “We’ve been proud to be part of the Cedarview success story and we’re all delighted for our friends in the practice that their expansion plans are well underway.

“Ultimately, finding and installing the right examinational lights and surgical can be complex and calls for an ongoing relationship well beyond the transaction of the procurement itself.

“We’re here to help our clients because we love being part of their ongoing achievements.”

Questions? Just ask. We’re here to help.