Responding to COVID-19: Giving Customers Peace of Mind is Not Optional  ValleyMed

Responding to COVID-19: Giving Customers Peace of Mind is Not Optional 

During the past few weeks, we’ve spent as much time at ValleyMed offering a listening ear and sharing advice with customers as we have helping them find the right products for their needs.

Why? Almost two decades of experience in business, the healthcare industry and in supply chain means we have had much to share with customers and friends.

ValleyMed’s Vince Morris shares some essential advice about life during the ‘new normal’ for Canadian organizations….

Business After the Outbreak: A Make or Break Decision

“I had to visit a bank’s ATM lobby earlier in the outbreak and was struck by the lack of handwashing and signage as well as visible evidence of steps being taken to protect customers and colleagues. It remains that way to this day.

“In contrast to this, everyone who has visited a shop or other building during the outbreak will remember the businesses and organizations who made them feel safe and valued.

“This might, for example, be a supermarket with great social distancing measures, a calm welcome and positive messages throughout the store.

“One thing we know about business, or running an organisation, as life returns to the new version of normal? Not taking steps to create a great environment for customers is the quickest possible way to ensure customers or clients take their custom elsewhere.”

Customer Peace of Mind in the Coronavirus Era: Recommendations

“When clients ask for our help to do just that we tend to recommend a three step approach:

*Visual, professional, on-brand access to handwashing: You’ve invested too much in your lobby design and your brand to cheapen both with a simple sanitizer bottle and printed sign. Products are available offering a much more appropriate and secure way to help customers stay safe. Examples of great use of brand can be seen here.

*Explore specialist technology to go the extra mile: It’s no longer just about doing the right thing but also being seen doing the right thing. Preventative, peer-reviewed technology to tackle airborne pathogens can be installed and also makes for a positive, reassuring message to share with building users while standing apart as an organization.

*Ask for help to discover the latest ideas: New products and practices in response to COVID-19 are already arriving thick and fast. Everyone, ValleyMed included, worked through the Coronavirus crisis by talking to one another, listening hard and finding ways to help. We still welcome calls from Canadian businesses to discuss the latest thinking and explore whether we can help. And if we can’t, we still welcome your call.”

Tell Us Your Safe Workplace Challenges: Free, No Obligation Advice

“When the Coronavirus situation began to unfold we began asking our clients about any supply chain issues they had been finding in order to help step in with high demand items as quickly as possible.

“Having issues finding PPE? Problems sourcing a site-appropriate handwash solution? Weighing up how to show customers you are taking preventative steps to create a safe building?

“For these, or any other questions, just ask. If we can’t help we might know who can.

“Most of all, let’s keep talking and let’s making sure giving customers – and colleagues – the peace of mind they’ll demand is a goal we achieve together.

“For our part, tell us how we can help.”

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