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Delivering Efficiency, Performance, and Convenience to Today’s OBGYN

The PRIMA C is a compact and versatile solution for surgical and diagnostic colposcopy. A meticulously designed optical system and built-in high power LED provide for a more streamlined user experience. A compact pole stand keeps the Prima C unobtrusive in tight spaces.

The PRIMA C comes mounted on a choice of superbly crafted stands, making it adaptable to any space or application. A retractable pole mount with an elegant star base, a foldable suspension arm, and various chair mounts make PRIMA C systems highly customizable.

PRIMA C Advantages:

PRIMA C ValleyMed

A single 27-watt LED intelligently drives the illumination system to deliver over 75,000 lux at a carefully selected color temperature of 3700K, making Prima CS’s eye-pleasing illumination the brightest in its class. Built into the magnichanger, the LED design makes the system more compact and runs cool for over 50,000 hours.

PRIMA C ValleyMed

An Apochromatic 5-step Galilean optical system produces aberration-free images corrected for all primary wavelengths. Proprietary MaxLite™ coatings promise the highest degree of anti-reflective and scratch resistant properties, illuminating images evenly and without artifacts. Fine focusing control is provided through a range of long working distance CMOs.

PRIMA C ValleyMed

The ProLine™ features a host of digital SLR, video camera, and CCD adapters.




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