Pedal Activated Sanitizer Stand | Shield Dispenser

COVID-19 Prevention for Any Sector: A Must-See Solution

A Simple, Effective Hygiene Essential for Almost Any Setting

Clients often ask us to recommend the first item of equipment they should consider to prevent the spread of pathogens on their premises.

We have one answer: the impressive, low maintenance, secure and highly-efficient Shield Pedal Activated Sanitizer Stand.

Pedal Activated Sanitizer Stand | Shield Dispenser ValleyMed

Zero Touch, Zero Contamination

Made in North America, the patented Shield dispenser is designed to prevent cross-contamination. This no-touch dispensing station is constructed from durable powder coated steel for indoor OR outdoor use, includes simple security features and is 100% mechanical.

It is built to last and will dispense properly every time. Suitability for any pump top sanitizer bottle from 250ml to 1L means a great universal fit.

  • Hands-free dispensing
  • Removes risk of cross-contamination
  • Durable powder coat for rust-free outdoor use
  • Unit can be bolted to the ground and pump bottle padlocked in place
  • Adaptable for any pump bottle size from 250ml to 1L
  • No power or battery needed
  • Optional sign plate customised as desired
  • Optional header with graphic available

Branded options are available for your business, see the full specifications here,you can also find the Industrial Shield here for more robust environments.

Shield Corporate Assembly Tutorial

Price: From $349