Nuvo Vu-E Surgical Lighting

The Nuvo Vu-E LED Surgical Light is brighter, whiter, cooler and more capable in the operating room. The Vu-E provides users with the ability to choose the best colour for the application, with unparalleled shadow control and almost non-existent heat development in the surgical field. All this for a value that’s hard to match.

Cross Focus Technology (CFT) enables the Vu-E’s LED’s to move independently of each other while adjusting the pattern size. This allows the Vu-E to provide the same light output at the largest pattern as it does at the smallest.

The Vu-E also gives you the option of a touchscreen wall control. The wall control panel communicates wirelessly, managing one, two or three lights simultaneously, as well as the HD Video Camera (if applicable). A nurse or assistant can control light intensity, colour temperature, Green mode, plus camera functions – all remotely.

Features of the Vu-E LED Surgical Light include:

  • 160,000lux of bright, cool light
  • Cross Focus Technology™ provides superior shadow control.
  • ON/OFF Dimming and field size are easily controlled within the sterile field via the removable, sterilizable handle
  • Colour temperature at your command, with five selectable settings between 3,800° and 4,800° Kelvin to meet the surgeon’s specific needs.
  • Optional in-light HD camera (1080i high-definition, 20x optical zoom/12x digital zoom).

The Nuvo Vu-E’s specifically engineered LED mix enables the flexibility to adjust color temperature as needed, with five settings between 3,800° and 4,800° Kelvin to meet the surgeon’s specific needs. Lower color temperature emphasizes the reds, while higher temperature provides cooler white, as well a “Green Mode” for minimally-invasive surgery applications.
Don’t need adjustable colour temperatures? The Vu-160 may be the right choice for you. Learn more.

Nuvo Vu-E Product Specifications:

160,000 lux output Light Intensity
Five Light Intensity Settings: 50% – 100%
Five colour temperature settings: 3800K/4050K/4300K/4550K/4800K
Rated LED Life Expectancy: 50,000 hours
Near-Zero Radiated Heat
ON/OFF and Dimming Controls on Sterile Handle
Pattern Size: 9.5” – 14” (229 – 356 mm)
Depth of Illumination: 32.3” (820.4 mm)
Voltage 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
IEC60601-1:2006/CAN/CSA C22.2
No.601.1-M90 with updates 1 & 2
IEC/EN 60601-1-2:2007 edition 3.0 (with 1:2008+A2:2009) and CISPR 11 Class A

Mounting Options and Optional Equipment:
Single, Dual or Triple surgical light heads
Single or Dual Monitor Arms
In-Light HD Camera
Touchscreen Wireless Wall Control
Battery Backup

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