Navigator Equipment Management Systems


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Also known as surgical booms, equipment arms, operating room booms or articulating arms, Navigator equipment management systems carry critical equipment, video integration inputs and outputs, medical gases and electrical outlets in a sleek and compact design. Organise equipment while improving workflows and staff safety.


Organize equipment to improve efficiencies. Navigator equipment booms house critical equipment, video integration inputs and outputs, medical gases and electrical outlets.


The versatility of the Navigator equipment management system allows for custom configurations by specialty. A service head can be specifically designed for every critical patient care area.

Single and dual retractable or fixed arms are available, with two reach lengths available in the dual fixed arm Navigator boom system. As well the fixed arm Navigator is available with two service head options.

Large Service Capacity

The combination of large throat size and service head provides the capacity for up to 12 Gas Outlets and 18 Duplex Power Outlets in addition to a full array of low voltage services, while also offering critical and non-critical power. Your preference of gas outlet keying can be accommodated to ensure standardization throughout the hospital.




When every minute counts make sure your critical equipment is within reach. Provide clinically-correct positioning of essential equipment around the entire trauma bay, not just the head. Have access to medical gases, suction, electrical outlets and data ports in treatment areas right were you need it.


Create a better working environment. With the Navigator, the bed is away from the wall allowing superior patient access. In the event of an emergency, the care-giver has an unimpeded working environment. Gas connections, IV poles, patient monitors and critical equipment are off the floor and contained in a single location and movable for patient care and family visitations.


Make your GI suite more effective. Increase the number of procedures you are able to perform by centralizing your equipment off the floor. Mount a flat panel monitor, vital signs monitor, endoscope camera, light source and, scope holder conveniently within arm’s reach. Rotate the head to accommodate upper or lower procedures.

Operating Room

With the combination of duplex outlets and provision for gases combined with the ease with which it can be moved, Navigator equipment arms are capable of supporting the full range of equipment in today’s operating room. Tapered roller bearings and a healthy throat size on the suspension arms allow Navigator booms to accommodate a full complement of services without compromising mobility. Service capacity and smooth, easy-to-move arms with rock solid brakes have become trademarks of the Navigator equipment management system.

A Full Complement of Accessories

Navigator equipment management systems can be fully accessorized with Shelving, Storage Drawers, Keyboard Trays, Cable Organizers, Suction Bottle Holders and more.


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