The MI-550 is the perfect fit for an examination, diagnostic and dental or intubation light. It provides maximum brightness, sharpness and colour accuracy so you can visualize your work in the most precise way.

Download the full Mi 550 product specifications here.


2-step intensity: 27,500 & 55,000 lux at 0.6m 4,300° K pure white illumination

600 of downward arm articulation

Long arms for great reach & maximum flexibility

Available mounting styles

  • Wall Mount
  • Single Ceiling Mount
  • Dual Ceiling Mount
  • Mobile Floor mount

Getting a better handle on things

Controlling the brightness and position of your lights while maintaining sterility is critical. With the patented design of the MI Series lights – it’s incredibly easy. Just tap the button on the bottom of the sterilizable handle to adjust brightness or turn the light on & off.

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