Luxo KFM LED Magnifier

KFM LED has a heavy-duty, all-metal construction with a sleek design, adjustable arm and excellent light output making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Excellent optics

A 5″ diameter optical-quality glass lens combined with powerful LED lightsource, makes KFM LED one of the best multi-purpose heavy-duty round lens magnifier on the market today.  The quality and exact positioning of the LEDs allows for virtually shadow-free magnification and excellent color rendering.

Maximum flexibility and precision

No knobs to tighten, nothing to adjust.  A flexible, self-balancing shade and hands-free neck design allow the lamp head to be secured in any position.  The spring-balanced arm provides maximum vertical and horizontal movement, and will always stay in the right position without drifting.

KFM LED is supplied with a 3- (1.78X) or 5-diopter (2.25X) 5″ diameter optical-quality glass lens.  A cloth shade cover is provided to protect the lens from unwanted dust and debris.  Colors: Black, Light grey, and White.

LED: Lightsource of the future

KFM LED produces nearly 75% greater light output than traditional KFM models.  KFM LED is equipped with LEDs arranged across two semi-circular modules.  This design allows for virtually shadow-free magnification and excellent color rendering.  The modules consume a total of 11W of energy, are infinitely dimmable, and include a 9/4 hour automatic shut-off functionality.

About magnification

Follow this link to read more about the principles of magnification, and how a Luxo magnifier can be a valuable tool for a variety of applications.


9W dimmable LED modules arranged across two semi-circular modules.  11W total energy consumed.  Infinite dimming 1-100%.  5700 lux at 13″ focal length.  900 lumens.  CCT: 4000°K.  CRI: 80.

Body material and color

Heavy-duty internal-spring 45″ or 30″ parallel, three-pivot K-arm.


Standard with edge clamp or weighted base.
Additional mounting options are also available.


3- (1.75X) or 5-diopter (2.25X), 5″ diameter optical-quality glass lenses are standard.
For additional magnification, a secondary 4-, 6- or 10-diopter STAYS lens can be attached to the primary lens.

Power supply

Supplied with cable and plug.

Arm technology and movement

Heavy-duty internal-spring 45″ or 30″ parallel, three-pivot K-arm.
An integrated auto shut-off will turn the light off after 9 or 4 hours.
A handle in the same design is available as an accessory. Color: With, Grey and Black.

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