Kleen Station

A Covid-19 Response Product with Truly Exceptional Efficiency

Searching for a better handwashing solution for your healthcare environment?

Introducing the rugged, lockable and contact-free Kleenstation Traffic with capacity for up to 10,000 doses of sanitizer.

Protect your customers and employees. Quick to deploy KleenStations ensure everyone has easy access to sanitization.

KleenStations are versatile sanitizing solutions, designed for high traffic commercial, industrial and public spaces.

They have the unique ability to handle a very high volume of traffic with up to 10,000 uses between refills.


  • Customizable signboard
  • Drip-tray to protect floors
  • Storage space
  • Foot pedal operation

Why Kleenstation?

Kleen Station ValleyMed

Professional Image

Greet customers and employees with a professional sanitizing solution in your office or work environment.

High Capacity

5-gallon capacity saves you precious time refilling or replacing dispensers. A KleenStation can handle up to 10,000 uses between refills.


Save money on refills. Being able to take advantage of bulk refills instead of expensive cartridges can save you over 40% per year.