Greenstar LED Endoscopic Illuminator – Storz compatible

Delivering over 5.5 times the brightness of illuminators using halogen technology, the GreenStar™ LED Storz-compatible endoscopic illuminator is the brightest LED hand-held light source for proctoscopes and sigmoidoscopes. Designed for compatibility with Storz-style connectors, you can easily upgrade to a brighter, more robust LED FO illuminator Handle and see your patients in a whole new light!

Storz-compatible handheld endoscopy illumination

• 50,000 hour LED rated life – Save buying hundreds of lamps during the lifetime of the device.
• Long Battery Life: With the ability to provide bright white light for over 50 procedures* from one pair of AA batteries, battery usage is significantly reduced
*based on an average length of 8 minutes per procedure
• Stainless Steel Construction: Provides a secure, strong and sterilizable alternative to hard-plastic illuminators
• Reprocessable using standard sterilization procedures.
• Complete freedom from power cords: Reduces cables in the surgical area, improving mobility and safety for physicians and support staff
• Auto On/Off. Turn on illuminator by simply plugging in device. No more fiddling with little switches
• Light intensity doesn’t dim as battery charge diminishes: unlike halogen lamps, the Greenstar LED Endo Illuminator will continue to provide the same consistent level of illumination right up until the batteries are completely discharged
• High Illumination levels increases user viewing ability, which may attribute to better patient outcomes.
• 5 Year warranty
• Tested & certified to CSA 22. 2 No. 601,1-M & UL 60606-1 Standards.


This porduct works with Sureband and is 100% compatible with WA Kleenspec.

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