En Garde Face Shield

The 10” deep by 14.15” wide dimensions of the en GARDE Shield provide the full coverage required by Health Canada.

Download the full product specification sheet here.

The ValleyMed en Garde Face Shield is a comfortable, sanitizable solution for avoiding the danger of airborne droplets – available at a very low cost which allows for frequent disposal.

The shield is made of flexible FDA approved mylar. For comfort, a soft foam band secures the assembly to the forehead. Top to bottom flow-through ventilation ensures optimum comfort and reduces the possibility of fogging. For convenience, the face shield hinges back, allowing for a quick cup of coffee or other refreshments!

Comfortable High-Density Foam straps to forehead – can be washed or sanitized and is more resistant to contagions than softer low-density spongy foam.

Affordable: The en GARDE Shield is a very affordable PPE option when compared to other similar shields.

Compatible with other PPE: The en GARDE Face Shield has been tested to work comfortably with other equipment including N95 masks, surgical masks and safety goggles.

Adjustable Comfort: The en GARDE Face Shield is “hinged, so it can be lifted to allow for a cup of coffee, drink of water, or just a simple break! Adjustable elastic design accommodates different head sizes.

Superior Ventilation: Unlike most other shields, the en GARDE Shield is designed to allow top-to-bottom ventilation, so the user can stay cool, and enjoy the reduced possibility of fogging.

Reusable: The en GARDE Face Shield can be reused as desired. All components can be washed and or sanitized with the use of cleaning wipes or solutions containing alcohol or accelerated hydrogens peroxide as a base.

En Garde Face Shield ValleyMed

See the full product measurements and specifications here.