Cross-Compatible  L.E.D. Laryngoscope Handles  – Claim Your Complimentary Trial ValleyMed

Cross-Compatible L.E.D. Laryngoscope Handles – Claim Your Complimentary Trial

Did you know you can upgrade to a brighter, lighter, superior LED laryngoscope handle without replacing your blade inventory?

A trusted L.E.D. Laryngoscope handle upgrade is already in use and trusted by professionals like you.

ValleyMed’s advanced L.E.D.  Laryngoscope handles are…

✓ Cross-compatible: readily interchangeable with other ISO:7376 (Green Line) compatible manufacturers.

✓ Advanced: Huge field of view and highest light output of any L.E.D handle on the market

✓ Canadian made: Superb quality and support

✓ 5 Year Guarantee

We’ll even help you compare, test performance and prove compatibility with no obligation to order.

Arrange a trial by calling 1-800-862-7616 or emailing


Greenstar LED Laryngoscope Handle

The brightest LED fibreoptic laryngoscope on the market – over 5.5 times as bright as halogen technology.

Conforms to ISO 7376-3 and ASTM F 1105-99 Stainless steel construction is both lighter and stronger than brass

Product Features

  • 3 x longer battery run time than conventional handles
  • Substantially reduces battery consumption
  • Over 50,000 hours rated life
  • 5 year warranty
  • Handles available in both ‘C’ and ‘AA’ sizes
  • Light intensity does not dim as battery diminishes