Lessons from The Healthcare Industry: Straight-Talking COVID-19 Product Advice ValleyMed

Lessons from The Healthcare Industry: Straight-Talking COVID-19 Product Advice

Because everyone is now bombarded with offers of low quality and potentially ineffective Coronavirus-response products, we’ve used of 30 years of experience advising the healthcare industry to compile some very blunt, practical recommendations.

Our quick-read overview of six essential product types – and the reasons they should be sought out – aims to not just demystify the steps needed to choose products designed to perform as expected but also highlight products of value to reassure users of a building.

Comments have been included from healthcare supplies sector business leader Vince Morris of ValleyMed.

Six Factors to Consider When Choosing COVID-19 Response Products 

Lessons from The Healthcare Industry: Straight-Talking COVID-19 Product Advice ValleyMed

1, All face shields are not the same: “While face shields may look similar, it’s vital to check if the shield material can be cleaned using standard alcohol or accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP)  disinfection products without harm (for example: the en Garde face shield). Also, look for steps taken in the design to reduce fogging as well as a hinge action to allow the shield to be lifted as well as assurance that face masks can be combined.

2, Hand sanitizing stations can, and should, be on-brand: “A small table with a bottle of sanitiser doesn’t tell customers or visitors that you take their safety seriously…not to mention the fact that unsecured bottles of sanitizing solution often go missing! Instead, a sanitizer station like The Shield secures the bottle, allows pedal-activated (touch-free) use and carries professional, on-brand signage.

3, High volume hand sanitizing doesn’t have to look messy: “We’ve all seen premises where very high traffic means a messy, unreliable and unconvincing entrance handwashing area. The best product we’ve seen – the 10,000 dose Kleenstation – is lockable, rugged, tidy and incredibly efficient. It sets the standard for the professional response a premise can achieve regardless of volume of users.”

4, Need gloves? Ask an expert: “The issue of effective gloves can become pretty confusing very quickly. There’s place of manufacture, availability, Health Canada approval (or otherwise), powder-free (or not), cuff size and more to consider. If in doubt, ask someone who has a history of being involved in the supply of products tested to exacting industry standards. Our recommendation? A quality Nitrile Examination Glove.”

5, Use the best available technology: “Peer-reviewed technology exists to ‘scrub’ the air in a room to protect staff and visitors from viruses. Consider options such as the UV24 ultraviolet air purification system for the ultimate in reassurance.”

6, Gown supplies ARE available“Similar to face masks and face shields, many sources can only supply PPE orders subject to long delays due to distance from the country of manufacture. We’ve sourced American-made gowns with an availability time of two weeks or less, proving that North American-based products are available.”

Lessons from The Healthcare Industry: Straight-Talking COVID-19 Product Advice ValleyMed

Need Help? Just Ask

Although we’ve been trusted for medical and scientific lighting, gas delivery and vision products across Canada for three decades, we worked hard during the outbreak to source quality, effective PPE and Coronavirus-response products.

We also supply clients outside the healthcare, veterinary and scientific sectors – particularly specialising in reliable, quality-assured bulk orders – and will be happy to offer advice on a no-obligation basis.

Simply contact us with any questions.