Coronavirus Threat Response: Air Purification Systems Now Available ValleyMed

Coronavirus Threat Response: Air Purification Systems Now Available

Additional units harnessing a peer reviewed Overhead Air Purification technology, designed to reduce airborne bacteria, viruses and mould from public areas, have been sourced by a Canadian healthcare supplies specialist.

Availability of the commercial air purifier has been urgently expanded by Ontario-based ValleyMed in response to the Coronavirus outbreak with delivery, including a site assessment if needed, in as little as three weeks.

Designed to defend patients, staff and visitors from airborne pathogens in areas such as waiting rooms and staff rooms in any building regardless of sector, the VidaShield UV24 combines an air purification system which continuously ‘scrubs’ the air, with a standard lay-in ceiling fixture, available with either fluorescent or LED lighting. Its technology has been the subject of several peer-reviewed articles.

The VidaShield UV24 is compatible with standard 2ft. x 4ft ceiling grid systems (ACT) and operates on building voltages from 120VAC – 347VAC so installation is quick and easy with no major infrastructure upgrades or alterations required.

Coronavirus Threat Response: Air Purification Systems Now Available ValleyMed

Surface Protection

Crucially the UV24’s fast, continuous air purification system reduces the settling of pathogens onto surfaces, all while reducing odours. It also:

– Provides fresh and clean air
– Combines an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) chamber and air circulating fans with an overhead ceiling light to allow for 24/7 operation in occupied spaces
– Can treat a volume of air equivalent to a 10’ x 10’ x 8’ room, four times per hour

Because the germicidal chamber is isolated and shielded within the light fixture it can operate in any occupied space without the risk of UV exposure to humans or animals. This differs dramatically from surface disinfection UV products which take up valuable floor space and require an unoccupied space for operation. 

Coronavirus Threat Response: Air Purification Systems Now Available ValleyMed

Episodic Cleaning: Filling the Gaps

UV24 addresses a pressing issue: Accepted protocols to address surface contamination are based on episodic cleaning and while hospitals are very diligent in their disinfection procedures, the time between and the quality of cleaning affects the risk. The unit effectively fills the gap created when terminal cleaning isn’t an option.

Studies demonstrate that UV-C can be a meaningful defence against healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) making it ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centres, and daycare centres or anywhere airborne pathogens can impact patient and staff health.

To request previous trial white papers and find out more– systems will be prioritised to areas of most urgent need – contact ValleyMed.