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Free Equipment Review

Would you consider replacing your current lighting equipment if it would save you money? What would you do if a light bulb was no longer available or had vastly increased in price? 

ValleyMed’s complimentary lighting equipment review uses 20 years of industry knowledge to:

  • Assess current equipment for budget planning purposes
  • Review your equipment to avoid lamp obsolescence 
  • Find issues that are hindering your surgery uptime
  • Identify compatible replacement bulbs

Our three step process is clear and simple:

Equipment Review ValleyMed

1, We Listen

We’ll discuss your current set-up, needs, challenges and budget limits to understand the unique circumstances in your facility.

Equipment Review ValleyMed

2, We Review

Based on our renowned medical and scientific lighting know-how, we’ll prepare a detailed and evidenced set of solutions.

Equipment Review ValleyMed

3, We Act

Once we complete your review, our team of experts will share their insights and advice. Our no-obligation service will help you identify future equipment problems  and provide appropriate, cost-effective solutions for your surgery.

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