Patient Room Lighting for Long-Term Care: A Buyer’s Guide ValleyMed

Patient Room Lighting for Long-Term Care: A Buyer’s Guide

Many healthcare buyers know that choosing patient room lighting for long-term care involves multiple factors like ease of cleaning, color rendering, night light capability and switching options.

Picking the right type of light is, of course, just as important.

Read on for our brief overview which explains the benefits of three different methods of lighting and recommends a lighting option from each category.

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Patient Room Lighting: Choosing Between Types of Lighting

Long-term care providers have a choice of three main lighting options, each offering a different advantage:

Patient Room Lighting for Long-Term Care: A Buyer’s Guide ValleyMed

Overbed lighting: These units – like the Zera Overbed Light – can offer, if needed, upward ambient lighting, an examination light and a glare-free reading light for the patient or resident’s comfort. Made-for-healthcare durability should be included as well.

Using the example of the Vela Overbed Light, additional features such as dimmable control with multiple switching options and a sloped design for ease of cleaning can be sought out. Room-filling, wide-angle options such as the Vanera Bed Wall and Corridor lighting units are available with patient room options while Amadea Bed Wall and Corridor lighting offers a night light setting and the reassurance of accurate color rendering thanks to T5 lamp technology.


Patient Room Lighting for Long-Term Care: A Buyer’s Guide ValleyMed


Ceiling lighting: A focus on clean, bright, glare-free general room light can be combined with exam and reading functions by choosing the flush-mounted Stellar Direct Ceiling Light to create a comfortable environment for both the patient/ resident and caregiver.

Extra, focused lumens on the bed area are provided by high-quality LEDs and lenses. Flexibility of spacing is available thanks to the dimmable Stellar Duo Direct Ceiling Light.


Patient Room Lighting for Long-Term Care: A Buyer’s Guide ValleyMed


Night lighting: The aim of night lighting? Ease of movement for the caregiver in low light without disturbing the patient or resident. A night light should provide even, broad light distribution.

The Crescent LED Night Light also features a choice of light levels as well as soft white, amber and blue color options. The unit can be controlled by a switch or automatic photocell designed to turn the light on in low light conditions.



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